Make a difference in the life of an Elder – Become a Volunteer Ombudsman

Our volunteers are a critical component of the Ombudsman program. Without their commitment and tireless efforts we would be unable to meet the ever increasing demand for our services. Working under the supervision of our Regional Coordinator, our volunteers advocate for long-term care facility residents, conduct unannounced visits and respond to complaints made by or on behalf of facility residents. We are very proud of the work our Volunteer Ombudsman do!

What does a Volunteer Ombudsman do?

Our volunteers are referred to as Field Ombudsman. Field Ombudsman are called to facilities to mediate, negotiate, and bring about resolution between residents, facility staff, and family members. Our job is not to “fix” the issue for the resident, but to empower the resident to address the issue, when possible, and work cooperatively with all parties to bring about change and progress.